Taxiway Lights


Night lighting needs to be one of the things worked on next for the sim after the CRJ. I of course have lots of aircraft, like many here, that I would love to see, but if they don’t come for two years because you guys are working on night lighting, that’s fine. At least for the airports, please? I avoid flying at night the lighting is so bad…


I wish i had a free vote to give to this feature request. Because of the darkness in night skies, I have to limit myself to only fly in daytime, but I had flied in night time if the lighting would have been corrected. For example, there is almost no way to see anything in the live streams if I do night flying!


This would make flying at night soooo much better!!!


This needs to be implemented into the sim!


308 votes, IMO this would be the next thing I would focus on to make Infinite Flight better.


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Yes, I agree. I’d much rather have this than any new aircraft.


These lights on the taxiway are something extremely needed; however, I’m here thinking that maybe I’d have to do an edit in many airports to add these lights. It would have to be something progressive, right?


All airports that have been edited already have taxiway lights installed. They are just invisible for now.


Either way, I would have to return to these airports to make the lights visible. A less heavy work, but taking into account the number of airports …
Anyway, I support the idea.


Why? So maybe coming with the CRJ update ?


Its just overall coding needed to get the taxiway lights visible. When we(IFAE) edit an airport,we usually add taxiway lights(yes both the centerline and shoulder lights).


I agree that lights are needed, however. Do any of you jack up your brightness to help while taxing? I know I started doing this and no longer have issues with not being able to see anything.


At night time I always have to turn on my brightness to full and most of the time when I have to taxi after landing I end up occasionally changing to noon and then back so I can make sure I am going the right direction. Taxiway lights are badly needed. Got vote.


But why do not they “release” those lights to be visible, if it is something simple to do? Would their visibility make the app of the IF greatly increase in size and / or occupy much of the RAM? Because there is a need for these lights in the IF. I even avoid taxiing at the airport at night because I do not see the way to anything.


I wouldn’t say it was easy since it would likely take up a lot of RAM but with the daily advancement of technology, you never know. Maybe it might be in the CRJ update, maybe.


I would but I like my battery, I can get nearly 18 hours when running IF from 100%-1%


This is a must have in the game!!


It could have something to do with the graphics limitations on smartphones. And as always it may require some difficulty to get the lights to look realistic from all angles.

Taxiway Lights

And how would you explain then the runway lights? I think they only need to code the rendering and how to transfer them from the Apt.dat from the WED file to the app.
Only thoughts, I don’t know what they really need to do;-)