Taxiway Lights


They seriously need to put some taxiway/airport lights in. I’m 34 minutes out from DFW (expert server) and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to taxi in the complete dark and hope I keep on the tarmac, or if I should change it to day until I find my gate.

When I departed Denver, I kept it dark and almost went into grass. I had to hold the screen almost to my nose to see the blackish-yellow taxi lines.


I am another person that can vouch for this. When there is no moon, it is just impossible to see the taxiway without your device being 5 inches away from your face, or changing the time of day.

Taxiway lights are already edited into the airports, they just need to be added to the sim. Maybe they’re waiting on something, who knows. But this or working landing / taxi lights will really be a game changer.


Taxiway lights will definitely be a good new addition, almost as good as new aircraft.



What we need. I think this would be one of the most important updates in IF. Not more planes, better quality airplanes, better quality terrain, we need some serious lighting rework. Lights on airplanes are not bright at all, you can’t fly in the dark because you can’t see when landing and taking off. Lighting is the most important thing. I won’t go on because we all know the lighting needs work. I do understand that IF operates on a mobile platform, and it is extremely good for being mobile. Imagine how awesome it would be if it were desktop. Its truly amazing. I don’t know if its capable for being on a mobile platform. If we can get it to work though, that’d be awesome.


I cannot say how much I agree with what you’ve said. Well put and done convincingly. The day the airports look like that will be the Day realism has been seriously heightened.


I agree they need to devote one update to just lighting rework.


I’m sorry, but this needs to be priority one. Most of the kinks for global are already worked out, next step needs to be a lighting rework. Taxing is near impossible.


I was flying last night and I almost fell off the taxiway twice. I was very tempted to put the time on noon just so I could see where I was going. It’s ridiculous that I cannot see where the center line is unless I have full brightness and 7cm away from the screen. Voted!


How is it near impossible to land at night? Some airports already have runway lights and you could just use glideslope .

  1. The airports I fly to don’t have 'em for some reason
  2. I’m trash approaches. I cannot use the ILS for the life of me


There are tutorials on the Infinite Flight YouTube channel that shows you how to perform a landing with low visibility, which is kind of the same thing in your case since you can’t see the runway.


I know what it is, and I know how to use it, but my movements are way to dramatic. When I try to make slow movements, I go nowhere.


And since you have such a problem with it, Ill go ahead and edit it out.


Oh no, I have no problem with it. I am just giving you a suggestion.


Sorry, I’m a bit hotheaded. Anyway, lets get back on topic.


I know I voted for this and I do believe that taxiway lights would be AMAZING, we dom’ really need ‘em. If our landing lights would be able to shine off the ground that’d be fine. But I think the developers should spend more time working on the other glitches that came out with global before adding lights.


We need better lights on the ground in genral because at night you can’t see jack


I agree. Everyone should be able to see @Jack.spowage 😜
seriously though, this needs to be implemented. It would make it so much easier to see, and drasticly increase realisim.


They also need to add more realism to the game not just with lights but other things as well


We realy need this tink in IF!!