Taxiway Lights


How many votes are needed to get the attention of the editors?


Taxiway lights are added to the airport via the editors but they aren’t visible because they haven’t been allowed, the reason why this is, is because it saves time especially in global when you have over 10000 airports, you don’t want to have to add taxiway lights for that many airports.


So there in already?


I believe they have added them to the airports but they aren’t visible, they’ve done this to save time.

I could be wrong but I have heard a developer say it a while ago.


Yes please!!! yesterday I made a sunset flight and the time to land was nocturnal. I found it impossible to find the boarding gates because I did not see anything. I think they should implement the taxi lights


Ya it’s Either pitch black or bright.


Voted for this, I don’t fly at night because I can never make it to the runway from parking


I vote for both taxiway lighting as taxilight effects and I just hope that this will be added soon as one of most urgent updates.

Now that we have the great Global update, which we all love…, it would be a great add-on to avoid switching time back to daytime manually

Having said that, let’s allow the IF team some time to relax, it is hard work to provide the global update and Android isn’t even there yet. I’ll bet that some new great features will follow soon

To IF Team : thanks for the great work. It’s beautiful to fly globally !!

Captain Chris


I second this, this feature is much needed. I love night time flying but taxiing is “taxing” lol.


these lights are extremely necessary!


Did my first night time flight last night with global. definitely a must have


Definitely is annoying to find a parking spot in pitch blackness, I feel like it has gotten more necessary for this.


We really, really badly need this in IF. At night time you can’t see the taxiway unless you get really close to the screen or zoom in. Really annoying when trying to do a flight at night. Hopefully it’ll be added soon.


Ran off the taxiway at dusk last night because of this…lol


Don’t forget those should be green since they’re centerline lights. Edge lights are blue


This is an awesome idea! Make sure you vote for it if you support the topic, and the more support we get for this, the more likely it is for it to be implemented


You should add that with landing lights on


Taxiway lights would be useful for flights at night. I don’t like having to switch to noon, dusk, or sunrise just to find the taxiways. So I am with you. Also, runway lights in the center could also help as well.


Love the Idea. I vote for this. But I hope they also put Taxi Lights of every aircraft to be more realistic and helps improve night flights.


I agree. this has been something that I’m always wanted to see on IF and would really be nice additional. It would be nice to have the Taxi light illuminate the ground as well.