Taxiway Lights


We have always had runway lights, im sure this will be a priority after global we need these urgently.


No more than we currently do


I mean at least we have runway lights, I would like taxi light’s but it’s not a requirement.

Just my 2 cents


Actually it is a big requirement tbh, because we can’t even really fly at night without them and taxing at night without them is pretty hard


Yup agreed. I love to fly during the night time, and always have to switch to day time when i land to see where to exit/taxi :/


Tbh its pretty easy to taxi at night if you have full screen brightness, but the taxi lighys would come in handy.


We know it won’t come with global, but I still want them! Hopefully on the update after global.


Agreed. Love night flying but hate having to change when I land to taxi :/


This would definitely help seeing at night and bring more realism!


Simple edit showing that taxiway lights immensely improve ground navigation.
Combine this with taxiway markings and the airport diagram and you are all set!


Fantastic editing skills! Looks fantastic!


Yes when I taxi I have to go tail cam view to see where I’m going! It saddens me that they have no taxiway markings, it’s really difficult to navigate around during the day and even worse at night! Definitely earns my vote!


This is a great idea, and it would be very helpful for night-time or low visibility flying. Please add!


Please add this to the game!


Instead of saying please, all you gotta do is vote for it. Saying please doesn’t make anything change.


We definitely need this


I have been voting for that for the last two years. Lol


Im all for this! Maybe only for the major airports though (The ones that would be receiving many night flights)


Great way to bring an amazing idea back to life! Come on! Let’s vote for this!


I thought that taxiways lights would be added to global… :(