TAP Air Portugal VA goes to Madeira [Finished]: @ LPPT - 181700ZMAR18


Credits to @HFP for the banner

Server: Training
Region: Portugal
Airport: LPPT
Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: I won´t go, because i do not have live.
These are the only gates available for the event due to limited capacity in Madeira´s airport.

A lot of you know that Madeira-Cristiano Ronaldo International(LPMA) is a challenging aiport, due to its circle approach and its windy gusts, that often force planes to go-around.
In this event, we will fly from Lisbon-Humberto Delgado International(LPPT) in the a320 with TAP Air Portugal livery.

Flight specs:
Climb rate: 1800-2500 fpm
Climb speed: 240knots until 10500ft, then 320knots until Cruise altitude
Cruise altitude: FL350
Cruise speed: 475knots/0.74mach
Descent rate: -1500fpm
Descent speed: 260 knots until 10500ft, then 200 knots until you intercept ILS localizer

Flight Plan:

Please copy the Flight plan above, but feel free to change it if the runway used changes.

Please pushback only after TP02 (Manuel Macedo) pushback. Please do it in a calm and organized way. Follow him while taxiing. Please dont use TP callsigns below TP100 and ask for your callsign (only valid for the event) when asking for gate.

T1-G114: @Manuel_Macedo (TP02)
T1-G115: @HFP (TP06)
T1-G116: @Flying_Ant (TP37)
T1-G117: @Wendel (TP101)
T1-G118: @ItzEhs (TP102)
T1-G122: @Btp91 (TP103)
T1-G123: @Kaiserthebloo (TP104)
T1-G124: @Eliel_Felipe45 (TP05)
T1-G125: @beachboy0910 (TP105)
T1-G126: @ErikBuiten (TP159)

Lisbon (tower and ground): @SlimeFlyer
Lisbon Departure:

Madeira tower: @TheWalkingFruit
Madeira ground: @TheWalkingFruit
Madeira approach: @Trevor_Austin

Join us:

Have fun and happy landings!


Sounds fun! But I won’t b able to attend it as i got to do work :( but have fun guys!


Yeah, thats a shame. Hopefully you can attend next time!


Very good! able to go !


Sounds like fun, count me in


Can you sign me up please?


You get gate G117 and your callsign for the event will be TP101! Thanks


Sure! Your gate will be G118 and your callsign for the event will be TP102. Thanks!


I know it’s not on there but can I be ATC at LPPT tower and ground.Thanks



I’d like to participate. It will be my first event in IF!
Just to clarify, 1700z means 17:00 zulu time (GMT) right ? And the event is on 18th march?



Yes 1700z means zulu time and yes its on the 18th of March


Sure, you can be ATC, i will add you.


Your gate will be G122 and your callsign for the event is TP103! Thanks!
The time is 1700z (Greenwich time/Continental Portugal time), in March 18


10 Gates left. If anyone still wants to sign up i would advise doing it soon.


I can be approach for Madeira. But would you like people to stick to their flight plans or I space people out?


I can attend in Madeira as Ground and Tower!


I’ll happily take a gate! Happy landings


Sure, you can be approach! As the flight plan doesnt lead to a specific runway, you can vector the planes and space them as you want :-)


Sure, the control is yours!


Great! Your gate will be G123 and your callsign for the event TP104. Thanks and Happy landings!