TAM Airlines B777-300ER


The author of the Qantas B738 topic that says so, is not it? For a long time I had more than 100 votes (I can not remember for sure), but it took forever to add it, although it was well ordered. Even so, let’s not be discouraged. We’ll keep voting until one day the Devs decide to meet us. ;)


Its not a livery but think about the a330 rework. It is by far one of the most voted things and devs said they will not do it for now. Im not saying it wont be added though


The important thing is not to leave the topic still and to continue commenting and encouraging the group to vote.


An aircraft of this size and with this beauty, is all that Brazilians dream of in the FI. Definitely one of the most iconic paintings ever used in a 777. We look forward to your entry into the infinite flight.


It really is a beautiful painting! 😉


Yes it is. I liked TAM since I saw it.


Europe that awaits me on infinite flights with this livery.


Not only you but all Brazilians! 😁


Guys, I believe that your desire to have B77W in the IF is as big as mine, but I’m going to tell you what a moderator told me as soon as I joined the IFC and posted a photo of a requested aircraft in the comments on the topic, as it is being done in this; he told me, “One photo per topic, please.”


I agree! We need it in Infinite Flight


Good news, this is the most voted for livery request! The Qantas 737, and JetBlue A321 had (still do for some reason) more, but are now closed, good work!


Very nice livery. Subtle and classy


83 votes, let’s not leave this topic forgotten.


This route would be great to do with a 100% Brazilian livery! 😊


777-300ER TAM, the most anticipated giant of the last times!


It’s not 100% past yet not. 😅


Wow with 83 votes I’m surprised that this hasn’t been added yet!😯


We are still in expectation.


As I recall, this topic was almost 60 votes; but after adding the livery of Latam in the A320, many Brazilians focused on this topic, which gave him so much of these votes today.


Yeah. I do want to see this be added.