TAM Airlines B777-300ER


Impressive as the desire of the pilots increase to have this wonderful painting in the infinite flight.


@Candido_S Yes Yes ! many of us want the 777-300 of tam! I think with the arrival of the satellite image in South America many Americans helped in this topic. 👍


Nice livery! My favorite in the B777


Let’s go guys, do not leave the topic Stopped , 72 votes Let’s let’s go! 😊👍




74 votes let’s share more 😀


Removed a vote for this, I really hope they add this livery along with other new 77W liveries.


Well by the number of votes we have on this request, i am positive that it will come sooner or later


We are waiting to enjoy this wonder.


I’m hoping this livery will be added, but for now we should have patience.


Let’s go Brazilian Community! Make this dream one reality!


Com certeza iremos receber essa livery da TAM na proxima atualização do IF, ja tem muitos votos


Thanks for the comment, my friend. But by community rules, anything that is commented on by IFC should be commented on in English. Thankful for understanding. :)


After this update, hopefully next update they add wingflex to the 777s and this and a few other livery’s such as the United one :) voted!


I hope to see this livery one day, it’s beautiful!


Only English in community, pls ;)


I think add in next update.


I’m sure they will :)


I wanted this livery so much in the infinite flight before they retire, and a pity that the 777w of the tam are going to retire :(


A lot of votes doesnt mean that it will be added.