TAM Airlines B777-300ER


Me too, but that was just a way of talking, haha ;)


Wow, 54 votes! Hope to see this livery soon on IF


Seria lindo ver gigante com nas cores da antiga Tam Brasil.


Friend, thank you for the comment, but I must tell you that everything in this community should be written in English. πŸ˜‰


This is a good looking livery!


Prettiest livery, I hope see this livery soon on IF!!


I would love to see the TAM 777-300ER!


We hope to see this marvel in β€˜β€™ IF β€˜β€™.


I can already imagine doing this β€œSBGR / KMIA” flight with Tam’s β€œ773”, this is going to be great.


Let’s go guys! do not stop voting, it will be a beauty this livery in the 777-300 ! πŸ˜„πŸ‘


You guys earned a vote πŸ˜‰ Would love to see this coming with the South American Scenery Coming!


Dang, the developers are betting a lot in South American liveries lately, so i dont see why they wouldnt add this one. Not the one I find the most beautiful but it is nice. Just hope this and maybe a certain a330 livery get added


Working with the new A320 liveries looked spectacular! They could do this on the B777-300ER; include a few more liveries including this one from Tam. It would be great to make long routes with it.


One of the beautiful routes that the 777-300 of the tam does, very nice this route! it would be cooler being made in infinite flighit with this beautiful livery! β€πŸ‘


A legal route that TAM makes and SBGR / KJFK. Already imagined making this flight with a 100% Brazilian painting?


I imagine this to come as a surprise on the same day that South-America gets the HD-scenery update!


Lol, @Vegard_Selsas I thought it was just me who figured it out, it might be that they do surprise the Brazilian drivers.


Voted! I want B773 of Tam to flight SBGR to KJFK, and SBGR to SBEG.


Thank you for strengthening our request @13Eddu


Brazilian community here!