TAM Airlines B777-300ER


Yeah, it’s something like 5 every single day.
I would love to fly GRU-LHR on this wonder, vote!


A beautiful livery for a fantastic aircraft 😍


_The If Brazilian community deserves to be added to if in upcoming updates. Brazilians are among the largest world communities in the IF and we only have a few aircraft from Brazilian airlines. Look with more affection!


There will be plenty of pilot making intercontinental flights if that livery is added. I’ll be one myself. 😁


This delight would be ideal for Brazilians for international and intercontinental flights.


Yes, every day these 777-300ER take off from Brazil to various places in the world! :D


We need this livery, especially for the South Americans!


Crossing fingers to see this livery on the next update…


Wow this is one of the best liveries I have seen on the 777 I would like to see it in the next update


Yeah! We need it on the next update


I already gave my vote in this livery. I hope to see you in this upgrading


I have to say this is a magnificent livery and I would want this and the air peace 777 to be added to IF so that my long haul flight would be much better


Voted. Beautiful livery. I hope that TAM chooses the 773 to fly to their new route, to Lisbon. If this livery and the TAAG one get added, it would be terrific!


I think it is the 763 that will operate that route. I’m not sure though. They might use the 763s for their new flight to Boston instead.

Anyways, back on topic.

I really hope this livery is confirmed. It’s so nice, and has many votes already. Fingers crossed everyone!


We need this livery ;-;


I am impressed every day by raising the votes for this livery.


with so many votes so, I believe she will come in the next update! :D <3


Making international routes with this Tam B77W would be very good.


It was not confirmed. It’s a shame, but with the great liveries coming with the update I don’t care lol.

I expect to see it sometime in the future though.


Not this time guys… But let’s keep trying! It’s an amazing livery for sure.