TAM Airlines B777-300ER


thumbs up for this livery! PLEASE!


Well some 77W liveries are being added and this looks nice so… vote.


I hope they could add this in the next update if it got enough votes so, I voted


I am sharing the link of this topic in the Facebook group and encouraging staff to vote. I hope they add this livery in the next update.


Hello Maurice … !!! I am from the IFBA community (Facebook Brazil IF community). . I would like to know how I can buy TACV in the IF. . . or how do I enter into such a campaign? thank you…!!!


If you want to know how to create a topic to put TACV into a poll, only MEMBER level can create topics. An alternative, if you are at the basic level, is to ask someone to create the topic for you.


Yeah! Tam Airlines (LATAM) is my favorite airliner company! :D


Very Beautiful Livery!!!


Some people say that this livery is outdated, so maybe developers would not add that texture to the B773. However, because the fleet is extremely large, they could not update the painting of most of the fleet, so even today, we see the B773 flying in the colors of Tam; and they are not few.


10 to be exactly. PT-MUA to PT-MUJ, all in Tam’s livery. It’s not outdated yet. Would be a great addition to IF.


As @Alexander13 said, not a single TAM 777 is in the new livery yet. And to be honest, I imagine the LATAM livery on this and I prefer this one.
And it’s a great livery regardless of if it is outdated or not.


I love this livery, I need it especially to fly in Global


but there is no 777-300ER with LATAM livery, only TAM, the new LATAM livery could be added to the A350.


It makes no difference to me. This plane is a legend and Tam’s painting is still widely used these days. So I am in favor of Tam’s livery on the B773, because doing international flights with a Tam 773 would be great!


Yeah! I would love to make international flights with this livery in B773


I really want this livery in IF, have my VOTE


I completed a flight today with a duration of 13 hours. I left Rio de Janeiro to Abu Dhabi. On this flight I saw how missing this tam livery on the B77W; really misses it.


Yeah. Would be great to do SBGR-LFPG, SBGR-EDDF or SBGR-EGLL in Tam’s livery :)


Every day, several of these B77W take off from Brazil.
I can not say that this livery is a big miss on the IF.


Really cool livery! Would love to see this in IF :) great request :)