TAM Airlines B777-300ER


Great livery for the 777-300ER. I’d love to see this someday!

Source: https://www.planespotters.net/photo/302250/pt-mub-tam-linhas-areas-boeing-777-32wer


Tremendous livery! Guess will be retired with the new LATAM livery.


I would love to see this with LATAM’s 😍. But still this livery is one of the best imho


Caught this beauty at KJFK. Love it😍


Absolutely stunning. Quite suprising that it hasn’t been requested before.


It has, but both the topics were closed, which is why I requested it. :)


Ssh… One picture per request please 😜

Anyway, Nice shot! I love it 😍. TAM B77W is a truly beauty


I can’t see the emoji but thanks!


I’ve been to PT-MUC and PT-MUE.
They are both TAM 77W.
They are amazing. Needed.


I only had one opportunity to see the triple seven (we don’t have much bigger planes in my home airport) and it was the PT-MUG (Gorgeous!) I would love to see this on IF…


I need this so bad. Specially for global. Vote granted 👍
I have been to PT-MUC and PT-MUE, and they are beauties!


Recently browsing features… and I see this feature request.
It is an amazing livery! My vote is in, hopefully others also think it is worth a vote!


I love this livery. I hope to see this added.


have to bump this its an very nice looking 777 defently needed in the game will be good for global


This is needed for global. What a beauty. My vote is in, I hope yours is in too!


It will definitely be a good addition to Infinite Flight


Too beautiful! I would love to see this livery in the Global version of the IF.


I hope to see one day.


Nice to see an influx of 10+ votes into this request. The only way we are going to get this into IF is by voting and hoping that the devs listen to us.


14 votes, maybe if we get this to 40 or more it will be added as the BA 777-300er had 40 so maybe.