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@AndrewRG10 You sir are T3 and the post is a wiki, feel free to add any route you would like to share with us. Make sure you follow formatting guidelines, have fun! :)


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I added the Auckland Apia route well aware it’s flown with a 777 too, but I kept it to the A320


Thank Y0U!!! Np For the route 😉


A personal favorite route of mine is a short-haul, KMIA-MMUN incredibly scenic route about an hour just enough time to get some work done
KMIA Miami
MMUN Cancun
457 nm
01 hrs 05 mins
American Airlines B738
335 Knots
Enjoy :)


Beautiful Floridian water and the keys

Scenic approach into MMUN, with right engine view and over water approach


Here’s one of my favorites, the first leg of United’s Island hopper route. :)

Departure: Honolulu Int’l (PHNL)

Arrival: Majuro - Marshall Islands Int’l (PKMJ)

Distance: 1981 nautical miles

Flight Time: 5:30

Suggested Aircraft: B737-800 - United

Altitude: FL320, step climb to FL360

Speed: M0.78


EDIT: Added to the database! :)


I am not able to locate some waypoints. I tried for Honolulu and Marshall islands flight. The way points aren’t on the map. Searched it.


try, go to SimBrief (where I found that flight plan), generate your flight plan, and copy and paste it there. It will replace all missing waypoints with GPS coordinates.


Fictional route time!
Departure: Toronto Pearson Int (CYYZ)

Arrival: Ithaca Tompkins (KITH)
Distance: 156 nautical miles

Flight Time: 0:32

Suggested Aircraft: Air Canada Express Bombardier Q400

Altitude: 19,000ft

Speed: 240kts



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Tokyo Naritas ICAO code is RJAA, not KLAX.



Oops! Lemme fix that!


For a 12 hour flight you really don’t have much of a flight plan…


Thank you.
I started copying the flight plans from here directly to the search box. Seems some waypoints are wrongly matched. Copied the flight plan from Seoul international to Tokyo Narita. There are two waypoints out of the way. They take the flight to the Australian continent.


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Thank you all, there are some amazing routes on this list that I can assure everyone will enjoy. :)


This an amazing topic Chris. Definitely bookmarked for some future flights!


Route suggestion (long haul):

  • Depart: Boston Logan Int’l (KBOS)

  • Arrive: Paris-Charles de Gualle Int’l (LFPG)

  • Distance: 3013 NM

  • Flight Time: 7 hours 0 minutes

  • Aircraft: McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 (Air France)

  • Altitude: FL350

  • Speed: M .84

  • Route: ALLEX N263A JOOPY NATT 4900N/05000W 5000N/04000W 5200N/03000W 5300N/02000W MALOT GISTI BAKUR UN546 STU UP2 NIGIT UL18 VAPID UL18 MID UL18 SFD UM605 BIBAX


Delivery Flight for British Airways (did this one last week)

  • Departure Location: Boeing Field (KBFI)

  • Destination: London Heathrow Int’l (EGLL)

  • Distance: Roughly 4160 NM

  • Flight Time: 10hrs 03min

  • Suggested Aircraft and Livery: British Airways Livery; B789 (Boeing 787-9)

  • Altitude: FL310 (I wanted to go lower, so I could sleep in and have a later TOD)

  • Speed: M 0.85

  • Route: KBFI DIABO IWACK YDC 4928N/12017W YNY BOJAM YZU YMM DUROT 5915N/10550W CANIG 6130N/10000W 6430N/9000W 6630N/8000W 6730N/7000W CANEL 6700N/5000W 6600N/4000W 6400N/3000W 6100N/2000W GOMUP SOSIM GIGTO MALUD AMPIT RISLA KEPAD 5222N/141W HON 5127N/053W D300L OCK EGLL

I also like that LFPG to KCVG route, @Chief305. 😉


I’ve flown that route myself.
If you take a detour to fly over that mountain range on the far west of Canada, it really does make the flight beautiful 😍


Love flying routes from here. In the morning I was flying from Auckland to NSFA. 16 minutes into the flight I had second engine failure. Had an emergency landing at kerikeri airport in New Zealand. But the airplane crashed still. 😋😋