Suggested Routes


I don’t have the route info saved for some of the flights. I’ll delete the post


The KNSA-KSFO is wrong. First of all only 737 are coming to KNSA right now (it’s my home airport) and also that flight would be operated on a southwest 737 as well. Another route to add might be KNSA-KDEN on a united A319. Or KSNA-Mexico city, ok an interjet A320. Thanks for the thread just hope you fix the KSNA problem!


Thank you both for the feedback, I know that Alaskan only uses 737’s at SNA, I intentionally used an A320 as it is a new livery. Thank you all for the feedback, love, and support!


I know, just trying to keep the realism.


Departure location: Los Angles
Arrival location: San Francisco
Flight time: 1hr, 6min
Flight plan: Use own navigation!
Suggested livery: Delta Airlines Boeing 787-8

This flight plan may be common, but on the casual and training server, it can be very busy! It is a short haul, easy to fly flight plan! I highly recommend it, and I hope you like it! - B3ASTMOD3X


Don’t forget a screenshot!


I cant lol im on my laptop rn and my ipad is charging…



Hi, when requesting for a route to be added please do it in the proper format. Thanks!


Just added a route to Jackson Hole!


I feel like the Delta ERJ could be a better fit


Medium Haul Flight

Departure Airport: Melbourne International (YMML)

Arrival Airport: Alice Springs International (YBAS)

Distance: 1074 NM

Flight Time: 2 Hours 25 Minutes

Aircraft: Qantas New Roo 737-800

Speed: M0.78


This Route is awesome to fly with great scenery of the outbacks, and if you also want to make a slightly different route, you may spot Ayers Rock!


Added a route to good ol Faleolo in Samoa 🇼🇸 🇼🇸 🇼🇸


I’m definitely gonna try Singapore to San Fransisco…thanks for making this!!


ok ill do that for you


it’s you’re opinion, so go ahead and do whatever with the aircraft, i just prefer the 787


Added a short haul route to the list with a twist. Enjoy the beautiful scenery from NZQN to NZMC! 🏔



The routes you guys have suggested have been added on the list! Thank you for providing such unique routes for the community to enjoy.


@Chief305 Auckland Apia is also flown with the ANZ 777 and Newark Hong Kong is also flown with CPA 77W


Ever thought of adding ULH? I got a range of ULH flights that you can carry full passengers with


@Jacob_Sim I didn’t add those routes, those were other fellow Regulars. ;)