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I’m confused. In the archives there’s another EHAM-TNCM route. But that one is 3 hours longer than the current one. With the same cruise speed. I get that it’s 500 nm shorter but that should just be a 1 hour difference


I did this. SFO-PHNL in an United 747-400 cruising at M 0.86. Took 4.5 hours


I’m pulling most of the times off the real filed routes. Just knock it out and report back.

Also, keep in mind these times are based on the SIDS/STARS, proper climb/descent speeds, etc. The realism is totally in your hands. Happy flying! :)


Appreciate it, but this is the appropriate spot for that:


Yes, NZNS, I visit there all the time, now all we need is Q300 with the Air NZ and Jetstar liveries.


I love flying these routes!!
Please make more!!


Thank you for this. Keep them coming!


Sounds air route was not expecting that 😀


Hi!!! I love this thread! Can you please add this route Tyler? It’s ZSPD - KEWR


Great job, @Tyler_Shelton! Thank you for such dedication 🛬👍🏼🛫
Will try out some of these routes in the month to come, especially the VHXX-inbound route. And hopefully it’d become my next skill-sharpening destination for a while🛬😎🛫


Same, I have heaps of family in NZNS and NZWN.


Nice to see Mumbai in India getting suggested 👍


both great places i have some family in both too :)


Love the hard work you always put into the community Tyler! I’m so excited to hop on Infinite Flight right now and start flying these.


I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much time to fly, but I’ve been copying down all your suggested routes for future reference, and to fly over the holidays. All of them look great — thanks for highlighting all of these Tyler!


Love the Kai Tak route!


That British Airways livery looks amazing in the DC-10


Thanks for the suggestions!


Btw, did British Airways fly Mumbai to Kai Tak back in the day? Just curious because it’s the suggested airline for the suggested route.


They sure did. I thought it was weird too, but did some digging and found that one. :)