Stockholm tower now coolest apartment ever?


I just came across this and had to share it. This has to be the best thing anyone has ever done with a tower that has been decommissioned. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to spend a night in a defunct airport tower? If I ever get the chance to go to Sweden, I’d have to seriously try to get a stay at this one. Has anyone else seen anything like this?


Coolest house ever!

I’m going to buy it:-D
I’m saving up my Christmas gifts untill I can afford it!


Yes please where do I sign the lease.


Airport editing becomes fashion designer.

I’m in


My thoughts exactly! I’m right there with you. But I’m thinking of taking my oldest son’s college fund. Sorry, but I’m greedy with my Christmas gifts. ;)


I’d totally buy it no matter the price where do I buy it!?


We need way more of these. Just think of the old hangars that get demolished. If space isn’t a problem, make them rentals for us aviation geeks. I’d pay up for that experience.


I’ve been trying to figure that out, it’s not on Amazon…


Doing stuff like that is quite common over here actually. For example: Some of the old hangars at Bromma (ESSB) located not far from where i live was converted into a shopping mall. They kept the exterior intact ofc.


That’s awesome. I wish we had more places like that over here. But like most things, as soon as they become trendy everyone here will be doing it. Which will be great for all of us. One of the original hangars at KCLT was preserved by the local air museum. Aside from that, they just demolish and rebuild around here. Good for the economy…not so much for posterity or the preservation of history.


Looks like it is time to visit Sweden! 😂


go to google and search jumbo stay i went there last year and you can sleep in a 747.


That is such a great idea. Especially the cockpit suite. I’m going to have to get to Sweden one day soon.


It was really cool and you can walk on the wing!


Yeh it looks nice…Looks a bit a small, I wouldn’t say it’s “luxurious” though, it doesn’t look luxurious… Just nice I guess.


Perspective: While is may not be as luxurious as your Death Star, it is way more luxurious than a mud hut. ;)


What competition do I have to win


I enjoy seeing the repurposing of this structure, I never realized how those windows can live a real double life. One question I have, which I suppose I could research on my own, is that it is unclear to me if the new ATC house is located at an active airport? If so it will never sell, good for you plane lovers (myself included) to aspire to.


Don’t they have a hotel in a 747 as well?


Yep, they do. It’s been there for quite many years now.