Spotting At Larnaca International Airport


One of the best spotting photos I have ever seen in this forum! I don't like it, I Love It! ❀


Last model is global express 6000


Thank you far name of model


Pics are 11/10. Look very nice!


Lovely colours! Good photographs!


Thanks guys, really enjoy make new photos.
If you want see more see my Instagram aviaperevozchik


New Shots:

Cobalt A320 on short final

Lufthansa A321 on shor final

Aegean A320 about to do smooth landing
Hope you enjoyed
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What angles could you recommend? (For plane spotting )


A321 Monarch airways

Aegean A321 on final


Guys, hope you enjoyed this photos.


I think we loved them more than liked them!


Great photos man! Keep it up :)


Nice picture​s, my favorite is the S7 737.


Yeah, S7 livery looks great.


What's your favorite livery guys ?


I like the Monarch Air 757 the best.


Um... there isn't a Monarch 757


I think he means the A321, though I have no idea how you confuse an A321 with a 757.


Yeah, 2 totally different looking aircraft!


He mean about his favorite livery :)