Spotting At Larnaca International Airport


New Shots:






Dont know what plane is that.Hope you help me.
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Hope you enjoyed.


I think that last one is a Gulfstream - I'm not sure of the model - G650?
Nice pics btw


Really don't know model, but see him many times there


UP looks amazing !

How is it that you are always taking pictures


Thanks, I'm taking pics only on Sunday.
Have like 20more, post them tomorrow


10 out of 10 great pictures :) ;)


Damn @Aviaperevozchik these are some nice shots. High quality also👌. And now you've got your own thread aswell. Amazing


Job beautiful photos, I don't know what the last one​is and I guess some sort of CRJ


Very nice quality, loved the Easy A320 shot


Thank you guys, Will post next ones tomorrow


What camera are you using?


Nikon D5500 and objective Sigma 150-600 mm F5-6.3 DG
Filter size 95 mm


In my opinion: 10/10

Really nice pictures, specially the S7 737.


Thanks, I like A321 Austrian Airlines


10/10 IGN
I don't know the last model :(


Here how it looks from beach




Birds always there :)

Spotting at Larnaca International Airport

Big birds and small birds. ;)


Wow! Those photos are amazing! Which camera did you use?