(SPAWN NOW) FlyBe Virtual - Gateway To Glasgow - @ EGLC - 180900ZFEB18 (More Gates Just Opened)



Just letting everyone know that this event fits into the IFATC schedule for sunday, so we should have plenty of ATC around to provide an excellent flight.


The team at FlyBe Virtual Airlines, can’t wait for this event and we hope you are feeling the same way too.

Be sure to request a gate today, to not miss out on our ‘Gateway to Glasgow’ event on the Expert Server with IFATC.

We can’t wait to see you there.



More gates have just been opened. Be sure to sign-up today!


Flight Plan Information:

As mentioned the flight plan is going to be created on the day taking the weather conditions into consideration.

Please copy it from me (BE001) when you spawn in.


Sign me up please mate!


Sure thing, gate 5 is yours. See you there!


I can be the ATC for this event (Only Ground and Tower)


Awesome, can you please be ATC at EGLC Ground and Tower?


Sure. EGLC at 9.00 Z


Sure thing, see you there!


I be the ATC when you all are landing.!


Are you an IFATC member? Didn’t find you on slack :P


no that I’m not sorry :)


Thanks anyway @David_Ian_Dehli but unfortunately you would have to be IFATC as this event is on the expert server.


Sign me up please! I really like City airport


Sure thing, gate 06 is yours! See you then! I also love London City!


Sign Up Today!

Remember to request a gate below to take part in this amazing flight.

Flybe Virtual Airlines | Crew Center Coming Soon!

I’ll come mate. …


Sure thing, gate 07 is yours


Not long until the event! Be sure to sign up and join today!