Southwest Airlines ramp agent pay?


Good luck hope you find something good. I’ve been with southwest for 22 years and I love it.


I’m assuming each tier is 6 months so step 1 be year 1. Step 2 would be year 1.5. So if that’s the case then you’re looking at 6 years to top out at the pay scale.


I just passed this thread to a Southwest Ramp Rat whose on here, completely forgot he was on here lol


So just to clarify before I apply.

I’ll make $12.61/h if I apply today, and assuming I get hired, I can make $1.61 more than my current job.

If so then I’ll apply now

And just Incase It’s not the case, how can I politely decline the job offer?


If you want to decline, just say you’re satisfied with your current position. Nothing fancy.


You’ll have to deal with it. Prove yourself at the job first, hm?

If you want an exception for yourself, then I guess we need one for everybody’s who’s ever wprked in outside conditions.


It’s not logical to go for a job that pays less than what you currently make.

If a job pays 12/h, would you even consider going to another job that pays $7.50/h? I don’t think so, you’d lose the extra $4.50 every week once you get hired.

Everyone goes for higher paying jobs, not ones that pay less than what you currently make


If it was a job that I really wanted I would proboly do it. Chances are you’ll most likely make more money in the long run, from raises and or possibly promotions.

If you want the job apply. If you end up not wanting it you can decline their offer, but it sounds like your very interested. Which to me sounds like you would do good in an interview asking all kinds of questions. And honestly if pay is something that concerns you, it wouldn’t hurt to ask them for talk to them about it. The worst there gonna say is no.


You should also consider the benefits that it may come with. Most of these ramp agent positions for most airlines get nonrev (non-revenue) travel privileges, health insurance, dental, company perks, pay, working outside in the open air, working on an airport and up inside planes, etc.

Don’t just focus solely on the pay but the picture as a whole. I know our SWA ramper friend is still typing out his response but this isn’t a decision you must rush. Weigh the pros and cons and figure out what will work best for you.


The major thing is that my parents don’t really want me to do this, as I won’t have weekends off or holidays. I don’t get paid holidays OR get weekends off, since I work at Walmart as a mere cart pusher.

I want to help my family financially. I do want to have weekends off at least though.

I am applying at other places other than aviation if you are wondering.
I will be applying for a place Where my aunt works, and they have weekends and holidays off, which makes me lean more into it, but I want a taste of what it’s like to work in the Aviation Industry.


They’re so worth it!!


You get paid on the 5th and 20th of every month unless they fall on Saturday(get paid friday) or Sunday (get paid Monday). Starting pay is $12.61. I can guarantee you won’t have weekends nor holidays off( unles your off days land on a holiday but odds are good you’ll get mandatory overtime) as a new hire for a while at a small station like MHT. However everyone has xmas and thanksgiving off paid. They fill the job duties with OT. If not enough people volunteer odds are high you will get mandatory OT. If you get mando on xmas/thanksgiving you make double time for your shift plus 8 hours straight time. You will get your initial training at your station then sent to DAL for a week of instructor led ramp training. You will then go back to your station and continue to be trained until your trainer feels comfortable signing you off. The 1st 6 months you are on probation which means you aren’t part of the union thus no union protection. Make it through probation and your good.

Other benefits include vacation time, profit sharing, rewards for perfect attendance, flight benefits, and an AMAZING company 401k. I say amazing because they match your 401k contributions dollar for dollar up to 9.3% which means if you elect to put 9.3% of your check in your 401k the company will match that dollar for dollar.


It’s your life. If it entails helping your family out, then that’s fine.

But if you refuse to give up your weekends? Then this may not be the job for you. Jim mentioned the rest wonderfully in his post.


Thats extremely good!


So you get paid twice a week or twice a month? Seems like twice a month in my eyes, or am I missing something

Also thanks very much for your post. I’ll make sure to read it and think about it carefully.


9.3% is extremely generous. Higher than the national average by far which can range between 2.5%-5%


My company matches up to 4% for my 401K


@Southwest_CLE_Ramper thanks very much for your post. I’ll take it under consideration.

Thanks everyone for all your answers.

@DeerCrusher Thanks very much. You’re cleared to close this topic.

There is a 50/50 chance I may or may not apply, but if I do apply, and end up getting hired, I’ll let you all know in another post. If I decide not to do it, then I’d like to thank you all for helping me with all the information that was provided. Thank you all very much.


Just going to leave this open until tomorrow. (22hrs from now) incase you or others have further questions. Good discussion and content in here. Its nice to see folks pitch in from all areas of the industry to help out someone who has an interest in aviation. Whether you’re looking at provisioning, ramp, customer service, ops agents, etc. we’re bound to have someone in at least one of those areas that will be able to assist.


Twice a month… on the 5th and 20th