South African Airways Boeing 737-800


The SAA 737-8 and A330-3 would totally be amazing in IF, the SAA livery fits the aircraft perfetly!


I think the Boeing 737 also needs an update in liveries (wink wink)


Just bumping it up there.


Just bumping it up there again. This is despatly needed and has been paticiently waited and requested for a long duration of time. If this gets more votes and added to IF, this would mean a lot. (Same applies to the A320 SAA)


To think this feature request is almost a year old and so many other requests have been added that aren’t this old. It’s becoming just short of frustrating to say the least.


Bumping it up there…again…😐


An update in the liveries and wingflex added would be awesome. It would make things so much more realistic for the little 737


Liveries of African airlines are pretty much missing from the IF when it comes to midsize airplanes; but this SAA livery will be very useful, and will look even more beautiful after a rework on the B737 to leave it with the quality similar to the current A320 Family.


I agree with that sir.
I was just thinking that a rework of the 737 would be awesome. Adding wingflex, gear dynamic, more liveries and improved physics would go a long way to making the 737 the backbone of many VA’s as they are in real world today


Just bumping this, with today’s FNF being in cape town I have realised how in IF we don’t any airplanes with South African airlines, apart from the CRJ and Dash8 which are tiny and the big A340 and 747. There is currently nothing in between and it would be awesome to have this livery added, hopefully in the upcoming 737 touch-up.


Thank you for the bump…

Please vote for this. All votes are greatly appreciated.


I know saa don’t operate them anymore, but the livery fits perfectly, and would love to see it be added. Just bumping this up there… with what it would look like (more or less (the circle would be smaller, etc)) in IF…

This was a lot harder than it looks…


Looks amazing @Owain_G.

Well done!


Thank you @Springbok777


It really does look amazing! I was sure that SAA still operates the 737, but I was wrong.


They still operate 1 737 and 3 or 4 cargo 737-300’s


Ah ok, I would love to see it in IF!


Bumping this up there. #saa737 😂


Giving this beautiful livery a bump.