South African Airways Boeing 737-800


The aircraft was definitely missed today, I agree! Everyone at SAAVA so badly wants the livery on all its aircraft in its fleet. Because of the lack of liveries we mainly operate generic aircraft which is heartbreaking. We are the only African VA and we only have 2 liveries. Its truly sad but we believe that the Devs have seen our cry and will answer our prayers soon. The 737 and A320 are the backbone of SAA(real world airline) and SAAVA and we hope to see it dressed proudly in the SAA livery very soon.


Oh, how I wish this iconic aircraft was in the update.

Oh well, I really hope this aircraft makes into the Infinite Flight hangar soon !


I was short of holding my breathe when the update was announced.
But our hope still burns bright. Lets not give up, lets keep hoping!


I just wish that South African would Change the livery- it’s basically still the same as it was in 1995


Why change what can almost be known as perfect they got it right the first time and there is not really a need for change and yes we do need more african liveries for we have a livery from north africa, east africa, south africa, but non from west africa so please hear my plea for i wiuld not rest until i see a west african(preferebly Nigerian) airline on IF this is my statement


Just my opinion- I get tired of liveries after they’ve been in use forever. I think it could use some modernisation


Modernization in which way?

Its a plain, simpliatic livery that does it all. Why reinvent something that works well and is recognized instantly?


That’s just what I think. Seriously- I can’t state my opinion without being attacked jeez. I just don’t understand why some people can’t just accept others’ opinions and move on. I personally don’t like and have never liked South African’s livery.


I just personally would prefer something like this:


It looks good but i dont think it will suit all aircraft in the SAA fleet.


Honestly that looks disgusting ( don’t take it personally) . The current livery is just amazing, one of the best out there. If it were to change, something like this would be nice.


But yet again lets not get off topic, this has gotten a few votes for an African livery.


With these new images in Africa, which by the way are beautiful, liveries like this will make it even more lacking in the IF.


Now since the Scenery updates out. I would love to see this! Hopefully it gets added!


Love that livery!!! 😀


This one would be great for South African routes


It sure would! Now with HD scenery and more activity it would be nice to see this livery in use within IF. Along with many more such as the A320 and A330.


With the scenery update I’m now even more hopeful that the liveries will be released in due time.
SAA and Mango liveries


I have really high hope now @Springbok777, now with much more activity and attention South Africa is getting, there could be a really good chance to seeing more SAA liveries, along with Mango.


It looks really good


It does. And now that the CRJ is out the chances are good that the A330 rework will have the SAA livery added and eventually the others as well including this!

The excitement builds…