South African Airways Boeing 737-800


I think this livery will be ideal for regional flights once Global comes out. The only South African Airways aircraft are Long range aircraft (excluding the Dash8). So this Boeing 737 will come handy for the short to medium distance flights

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South African A320-200

Maybe a bit biased as a South African myself. But I feel we have a very low amount of South African aircraft. Not Just SAA and SAX, But this would be awesome


Sadly going to be phased out though… Has my vote!


Agreed, there aren’t many SAA liveries in IF. This has my vote!


My vote too. Add in the A320 and the Avro too.


I mean it’s okay, I guess.
I really hate the red “” thing in the front though. If it weren’t for that, it would be a nice livery.


I totally support this idea though I wish I can vote ,but run out of votes …😢


I’m out of votes, so once one clears I will come back - I’ve bookmarked to remind me!

Stunning tail art!


Bumping this up :)
Global will become a reality soon, so this livery should also become a reality.
There aren’t many Airlines in Africa that have liveries in Infinite Flight, so, we couldn’t really fly a (realistic) flight plan from somewhere in Africa to somewhere else in Africa in a relatively small Aircraft.


I agree with you @Imran. It would be great to see more SAA liveries in IF. :)


I still think this aircraft is mandatory.

This aircraft is used on most flights in Southern Africa.
As in SAAVA , this aircraft is used on one of the ranks.
We currently use the Generic livery for this rank, but it does not have the same feel as an aircraft with a livery.

Global is out and I would love to do realistic regional flights- but I cannot because we don’t have this livery.


This plane would be great for African routes. I would love to see you in the IF hangar.


Love to see this added!


YES defiantly I think SAAVA can do with more liveries in there fleed.


Just bumping it up there.


Hoping to see this aircraft in the Infinite Flight fleet :)


The livery is great! Only this „“ is extremely ugly. It’s like:

A: „Hey, we have to add our website to the livery! Can I have Adobe Photoshop Access to design something cool?“

B: „Nah, that’s to expensive and not necessary. Use Microsoft Paint. It’s almost the same.“

Still, it’d be a great addition having another African livery!


I’ll try not to take offensive from that, it’s going to be very hard.


Yes, the website ruins it a tad bit, however, this is what gives it flavor !

If it’s there or not, it’ll still be apart of South African Airways’ fleet and that’s what matters.
We need more African liveries as a whole anyway !


Today IFATC is monitoring part of Africa, including South Africa, it is this livery, as well as some other liveries of African companies, is missing a lot today. 😕