Simulator Yoke Recommendations for IF.


Well, isn't that ironic, considering that the name is "Quick" time player.


What do you use for the rudder ?


Hey! Currently I'm using the on screen controls. I would not waste money buying the saitek rudders currently for the following reasons.

1) taxi time is bare minimum

2) ground graphics need to be improved for a more realistic simulation

It would probably make sense to get them post a few good updates and better details on ground.



Interesting idea. That would be really useful for taking off and especially landing!


Great I think I'll be ordering it soon! It would be great if you could send me the little tips that will make it even better and more realistic!


If anyone is still searching for some reviews: I bought a Saitek Setup for FSX, and I have yet to use it with Infinite Flight. Although I have not yet tried it, I can vouch that it is a quality piece of hardware, and will last for a long time.


Rudder is used for a lot more than taxi. Cross wind landings, slips, skids, climbs in props


Yes but does it have rudder pedals?


the yoko yoke

best yoke for any flight simulators


You can buy saitek rudder pedals. I don't own them, but I have used them and they are very high quality.


Do you know the approximate price? I really want some


The reason I didn't buy them. They cost around $170 USD. A pretty penny for quality hardware.


Do you think This would work in IF:

Also does anyone know if live flight supports two inputs for example a total separate throttle and joystick: each with their own separate USB;s?


I use it in button 1


This is my setup for Infinite Flight 😃


Please help me IF Is not recognizing my throttle


See the link that I provided above.


I know this is IF, but if you ever fly FSX or PD3 it will all work as assigned,.


What’s up men. I just got my saitek yoke + throttle quadrant in the mail. I usually use infinite flight in my Galaxy s7 but when I want to play in a bigger screen I connect my ipad air 2 into my macbook air and then I mirror my laptop’s screen with a hdmi. I have used the Logitech joystick before but I don’t like it that much because of the lag. Can you please give me some tricks to run it better? I have 20mbps of internet, I think that’s enough to stop lag


You can try and connected it to a monitor with a highspeed hdmi. That’s what my setup is. I have the yoke and throttle as well