Show Battery Percentage


I’ve been doing a lot of flying with the update and I noticed there isn’t a option to show your battery percentage. It would be cool to have it in the top right or left corner to see what it is at.

Battery Percentage in the Status Bar.

you could just drag down the bar on top…


That would be the appropriate solution


Yes! I just did a 10 Hour flight and realised that, that would be an epic feature


But say you’re doing patterns and you really gotta focus on flying the plane


This update says so much about adding new HD scenery, removing regions and being able to fly anywhere in the world!

the next update: “Added battery percentage to the top right of the screen”


But it would be a cool nifty feature.


If that is a “cool nifty” feature, I rather have uncool clumsy features like Global. Eh guys!?!


They’re not uncool, Global has been the best update yet. I wasn’t saying Global was uncool 🙄


I know you weren’t haha. I just don’t think that this is necessary as it is already so easy to check the battery percentage.


The status of the battery I see it lowering the screen. If inside the game appears the battery of the phone seems to me a nuisance