Should you reject TO?


If, for any reason, you feel you have to reject takeoff (runway too short, etc.) should you do so? Will you be ghosted? I have never had to, but I just wanted to clarify.


Rejecting a takeoff is at the pilots discretion so feel free to do it at the right time. You shouldn't be ghosted for this if the situation is right.


How would you indicate to ATC that you rejected?


Perhaps a "Stand By" followed by you exiting the runway as soon as possible.


ATC should be aware of aircraft movements on the runway and should notice. They could possibly send you an exit runway command or instruct you to contact ground (or back taxi if applicable).


Thats why a useful message to be able to send to air traffic control would be "aborting takeoff" or something like that


Yep that's why I created this before :)


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