Should Kids Be In Premium Cabins?


I think that adults that are rude and disrespectful should not be allowed on a plane at all. It disrespects the other passengers and is really annoying.


I personally have my own opinion and this is what I personally think. When the kid is traveling with the guardian, they should not be able to updgrade unless they have some sort of disability or illness. Until kids reach the age of 14 I think they’re mature enough to not disturb the cabin with loud noise. People pay a lot of money for Busienss and First class! They can pay up to more than 40,000! They should deserve a great experience with no crying or yelling. I previously had an experience when I travelled Business Class from New York - Dubai on Emirates and there was a little baby sitting in front of my me on business class and didn’t stop crying. It was so hard to sleep. We had to wait until the baby stopped crying. Therefore, I do think when a kid is traveling with their guardian, the guardian should also have to sit with the kid in economy and accompany them.


I think people are making it too much about them. I have more problems with adults around me than kids. Drunk people waiting at the airport, spewing f bombs left and right, taking video calls in flight without headphones, adults watching movies on their ipad without headphones, and on my last trip a woman who fell asleep on my shoulder and drooled. I dont think any action from airlines will be recieved well and will cause protests. Then you have people who will say one thing until it happens to them and then throw a fit.

I fly mostly upgraded because of points and on some of my odd routes the upgrade charge is not much and is worth it with my height and bad knees. I dont care if I leave my insulin at home but if I realize I left my bose over ear wireless noise cancelling headphones I will turn around and break the speed limit to get them.

Regardless which cabin I am in or how much money I paid, I simply ask that people behave like civilized people. I’ve seen mothers with babies give out earplugs and candy apologizing up front. Myself and others have given up an upgraded seat for a service member in uniform flying standby to get home. I’ve seen business men act like babies when told to turn off their cell phone. He pushed it in the attendants face and said “Seeeeeee”. Then you have mrs instagram queen snap chatting every step of her walk to the plane with her 32 pillows for some reason that wont fit in the overhead only to tweet about how rude the airline was. I feel for the workers, they get blamed for things they have no control over.

Traveling is a fun experience…


I think that as long as that kids traveling via air are well behaved, this is unnecessary. I was on a flight from KSEA to PHOG a few weeks ago and there was a child crying behind be practically the whole time. :/


I’m not sure where people get the mentality that if one pays for a premium cabin, they should not have anyone disturbing them. If you’re paying for business class, you have a higher chance of not getting a crying baby next to you. Pay for First? Your chances are even lower. Now, if you are unlucky and do get a crying baby, it’s quite frankly out of your hands to do anything. No where on an airlines’ website do you see that if you pay for the premium cabin you won’t get disturbed by children. By paying extra you’re reducing your chance of getting put next to a crying baby, not eliminating it. It’s not just about babies, however. The more you pay, the less disturbance you’ll get, regardless who from. Want ZERO disturbance? Go hire a jet. You can’t get zero disturbance unless you hire the whole plane.


Yes, a child should be nestled close by its parents even in the high class, quietly composed confines of the most sacred section of a fast flying capsule. It’s a thick and thin type situation. Watch out crumby parents, those kids one day when you’re old and senile might just leave you hanging…with your very own dirty diaper and crying. G.R.’s position on anything, let alone this particular issue, is nothing more than sensationalism. He’s probably just a normal dude, who on a daily basis is quoted, then published as the word Gordo. Decide for yourself, choose your own adventure.


I’m a “kid” myself. I’m 11 but my dream is too fly Emirates first class. All I can say is as long as they are well behaved and don’t have tantrums, we’re all good.


I mean, as long as the kids are well behaved, I think they’re fine. My first flight in international first class was at the age of six, and I’m 13 now. About 2 years ago however, I was on an 11 hour flight in which parents were letting their kids play tag in the terminal, and they were screaming and yelling “No, you’re it!!” I then thought to my self, “Thank goodness i’m not sitting next to them.” Now this is where not assuming comes into place. I sat down in 1C, to find they were 2 rows behind me. Right as we were taxiing, they thought it would be funny to set an alarm on their phones. Let me tell you, I’ve never seen passengers and flight attendants so worried. Finally, they were downright rude to the flight attendants. Get me this get me that, they were just… wow. So yeah, just as long as they are well behaved, I see no problem.


I think it’s completely fine. I have myself been in first class when I was just 6. Even though it can be annoying sometimes but the airlines earns most of its money from business class passengers.



Ha, I had to read that a few times for that to make sense because I thought you set the alarms. And wow, I feel sorry you had to sit through that.


I don’t have an issue with it as long as the kids are keeping well mannered and mostly to their selves. I don’t have the most positive experience with kids on planes but I know many kids are able to sit there for a while, provided they have distractions.


depends what you mean by “kids” i am 13 and i fly first class all the time i just sit there and play on my ipad so does my 5yo sister
i think that screaming babies should not be allowed on planes altogether
i was sitting in my FC seat and for 10 minutes straight there was a baby screaming so loudly i could hear it over the plane and through my headphones
the main thing is kids are only really bad when they have no entertainment


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