Send me your photos, I will photoshop them for free


Wait what?! 😂😂 Well I guess it was going to be in an innocent pic anyways!


I used content-aware so no cropping occurred. Hope it’s what you wanted :)


Here ya go :)


Here ya go!


almost done your pic :)


I tried…


I tried myself, this is how it turned out!


Surprise! Hope it’s what you wanted :3


That looks amazing!! @Cpt.TC 🙌


Here :)


Hope you like what’s been done :) the 1st picture didn’t turn out great unfortunately…


I think by “remove the wordings” he meant to use content-aware and not crop.


It’s so strange to see a F-22 in space. It looks cool though! What’s wrong with the first picture? I think they all look great!


The mountains are blown out a bit. That’s all :)


Hey can you try this one please:


I need you to tell me what you want doing to it


Sorry, was distracted and didn’t do it. Maybe enhance it and have a bit more focus on the plane, but still make the scenery have an impact. Thanks!


enhance what? In what way? Remember, I can’t make anything higher resolution.

I can’t “focus more” as this involves creating detail which is physically impossible.

um… wym?

It seems as if you’re just asking me for things that you think of off the top of your head.


I understand you cannot increase resolution, just maybe twiddle with the settings to make it stand out more.

I know that, as I said, just twiddle with colour settings a bit maybe?

I am not really sure how to explain this, maybe the sky a bit more blue colour settings probably? I am not that good at photoshop.

I understand why you are saying this, I have two reasons to explain this:

  1. I am not sure how to explain it, due to my lack of knowledge in this sector.
  2. I am trying to juggle about 4 other important things right now.

Hope this helps. Sorry for any confusion.


The colours on the photo look fine. Changing them would be pointless and would just worsen the photo if I were to be honest.

why would changing the blue help?

I’d love it if something was wrong with the image, but nothing is, so editing it would just look cheap and overdone.