Send me your photos, I will photoshop them for free


What airline is this again?


It’s a Qantas a380!
I think?? 🤔 💭


It was a joke! I was trying to joke about how I blurred the photoshop. Anyhow, let’s get back on topic!


Anyone want a challenge?
Please make this have firetrucks, ambulances and smoke with fire from the engines. It’s all right if the smoke and fire obstruct the view of the vehicles, but please make them show atleast a little bit. Also, please make the ground more realistic.

All are mine, from the old days of Infinite Flight.




LMAO, that’s good and hilarious in such a short notice!


I wanted to do something a bit different! 😜


I have a huge one for you @Cpt.TC.

Could you add the SAA livery to this?


I’ll try it, but I’ve never done that lol.


I’ll use this picture and transfer the painjob over. Dunno how it’ll look though.


Can you remove the name tag, if possible?



Impress me!




Can you make it look like the 747 has a engine fire





Thank you, that looks good now.


Wow I’m amazed thanks