Send me your photos, I will photoshop them for free


Actually it’s for both @QANTAS_001

@Cpt.TC even said he’d like a few real ones as they are a better test since you can do more things and it’s harder.


Hope you like. ;)


I don’t think it can get any more realistic as it IS real life!! 😂😂


can you delete the hud of replay and that recoder bubble and put a touchdown smoke and make it more realistic with rwa effect, turbulence wind effect, dirt engine and the details?


I will try my best bud.


Hope you like it. :)


Please can you add touchdown smoke, rain and make the aircraft more visible?!? And get rid of the hud, airspeed, altitude… etc

Thank You!


Looks like the poilots are on fire 🔥:()


If you could just remove the wordings that would be great and anything you think would make the picture look better :) no hurry


Very thanks man! Sooooo cool! 😀


One of your pics

(Haven’t been active on IFC in a while, just happened to notice this to edit it for you)


Would you also be able to add more curvature to the Earth especially at the edges?


I’m in Melbourne airport waiting for four more hours to go and I found something to do

yep three a380 one around the corner


these look great!
keep going!!!


Since it’s been quiet here lately, I was wondering if you could photoshop this


Surprise Me


Let me see what I can do with this one. I do have Pixelator!


Can u do this one for me as the last one I sent did not get photoshopped 🤔🤔


Here is the best I can do although others could probably do better. Get surprised in 3, 2, 1, SUPRISE!!!


Let me try to have some fun with the one!