Send me your photos, I will photoshop them for free


Please smooth out the plane and make a strobe and beacon lights on the plane pls. Thanks !

P.s. also remove the faint although visible auropilot/gear etc boxes


Pls just make the plane smoother


I hope you like this. I like it a lot and i hope yo do as well. :)


Remember the ap/other control boxes. They are faint tho…


Hope this reaches your expectations πŸ˜‚


Yep, perfect! Thx! Expect 2 more requests soon, my final ones before I leave ifc.


Can someone make this more realistic for this one.

Can you add two staircases to the first 2 doors, a pushback track, food cars, a baggage cars, 3 busses, a limo (for first class), a gas truck, passengers boarding, Ground Crew doing their work, and make the photo look more realistic with clouds?

I know I posted this a few weeks ago. I hope @Bohinen feels better and can do this! If not I hope someone can do this!


Hope you like this edit.


I will work on your pictures later today! πŸ˜‰


Can you make this photo more realistic and add some drops of rain 🌧

Thank you! πŸ˜€



Photo 1

Photo 2


Would it be possible to make the Rock of Gibraltar and surrounding land look a little more realistic please?




@Bohinen thank you! I asked for all the criteria below, but this is very nice! Hopefully you can an find time to do everything I asked, although you don’t have to. One thing to fix would be that one of the staircases would be on the second door not the last one. would Also if you do everything please take your time.


Okay! Im gonna take photoshop to the next level! πŸ€“


Can anyone remove the bars and make it look RWA?


@CaptainDwyer I think you posted it in the wrong place what are you wanting changed


Oof. Lol I thought this was best photos.


Hey! Can anybody edit this?