Send me your photos, I will photoshop them for free


Thanks could you do it when you have time I would really appreciate it


Hope this is good enough 👍


Could ya maybe add cirrus clouds in the background (not too thick) and add lens flare from the sun? Also, add nav and beacon lights too?


This was the best try.


Could someone work on mine pls?


Oh no! I didn’t mean clouds from a cirrus plane! Sorry for the confusion. Cirrus clouds are the highest (altitude) wispy, light clouds usually found on sunnier days. I was hoping the clouds could sorta lurk in the background. But I still like your “spin”. Lol


Yes thx. It’s good. The ghosts tho


Thank you very much for doing this


Can you pic one or two and make it more realistic and stuff



Hope you like this


Could someone PLEASE do these? Pretty please with a 747 on top?


I’ll make it easier. Just make the sky and plane smoother, make the window lights brighter, and put bright strobe and beacon lights on the plane


GUYS where ya at? There are many people who want there photos edited!😬 @Etrain @Captain_Zen @Kirito_77 @Northwest @AndroidPilot @Cpt.TC ? 😊


They want you! Good luck at work 😉💪.

Just kidding. (Well they do want you) but personally I’ve been really busy.



Here ya go, the window lights are the only thing that is not much brighter, but hope ya like it.



Little bit experimental… What do you think?


One more thing, could you make the sky darker? Thx!!


I tried, some of the plane darkened when I used the fade slider but the sky is darker



It actually looks really cool, like it makes it look kinda old and in both of them especially the first one i really like how the mountains look


Can you make this pic of EFKM look like pre-Global San Clemente? (meaning I’d like you to photoshop PEANUTS and aircraft going though each other etc.)