Send me your photos, I will photoshop them for free


Can you make it a brighter? Thanks :P

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Can someone make contrails and maybe some lights and some clouds just make it realistic! ThanksπŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸΌ @Bohinen @KPIT


This good? Tell me if you want me to modify a part of it



Can someone make this more realistic for this one.

Can you add two staircases to the first 2 doors, a pushback track, food cars, a baggage cars, 3 busses, a limo (for first class), and make the photo look more realistic with clouds?

I know I posted this a few weeks ago. I hope @Bohinen feels better and can do this! If not I hope someone can do this!



Can you make them indentical to each other? (And add the cloud scenery as well to the background) Thanks !


Guys! Im out for 2-3 weeks! I have broke my arm after a soccer match I played earlier today, so I need to rest my arm! 😒

If I feel better, I may be able to edit a few photos!


Sorry about that. Hope you feel better!


Aw man, I hope you feel better !


Thank you, guys for the support! πŸ™‚


Which app do you use ?


Can someone make this photo that I edited look a bit more realistic.


Awe man! Having a broken arm sucks. Hope you feel a bit better now!


Yeah bud that sucks. We really hope you get better soon.


That looks super cool! Thanks man


Could you make my CRJ landing a bit more dramatic? Maybe some rain or a storm in the background. And some tire smoke and water splash from the touchdown. Possibly make the landing lights more intense and reflecting on the runway?

Just some ideas, I trust your skills. All the other pics in this thread look great!



I have a few…


Could you put the sun or moon behind the plane, remove the words, make the lights on the plane brighter, and make the plane smoother. Thanks!


Same with these but no sun or moon. Thx!


Have a go a this one?


I added Jetstream which looks ok, a cloud, red strobe lights on left wing, filtered it to a Sentosa Look, And last but not least, put a little better high def look.