Send me your photos, I will photoshop them for free


Also tried to hdr and smoother edges



You can do what ever you want with these I don’t care just make them look cool, please thanks


I didn’t add anything but I did edit them a bit

Tell me what you think and if you have any ideas of what to photoshop in them


My Try At This



Those last ones are nice thanks! Um @Captain_Zen tbh what ever you think would look cool and maybe a bit dope. Lol


Why is there a Green Navigation Light on the Lefts side of the Aircraft? 😂

(Bottom Photo)


I don’t even know. Lol.


Supposed to be red my friend


challenge: add overcast. Try to make it a USCG Livery thanks


Yes I know, that’s why I asked why it was green.


imageDoes that plane even exist in that livery? It would make it easier otherwise I’ll just kinda guess what it would look like. I’ll try anyway.

I tried more or less and got this. (Now for the clouds)


No but we use it in our VA goodjob


There you go😊


Just as a usual edit. 😊👍


I don’t have a picture for you to edit at the moment.
I have been watching this thread and wanted to say for everything that you have done for everyone on here. Good to know that there is still good people in this world. You have done all of this for others and asked nothing in return. Bravo to you :)


One of my photos that I like.


Hey there,

Can you help me get rid of the throttle bar please? Also can you make it brighter… but still keep the sunrise feel too it. Maybe like a sun glare?

Thank you so much!

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Just a reminder…

Photoshopping a picture is not just putting a filter over it and calling it done, it’s when you add things, change lighting, skies etc. Please remember this next time you ‘photoshop’ an image.


I also felt like playing around with it a bit, take it if you like it, the one above had nothing done to it but the throttle…