Send me your photos, I will photoshop them for free


@CamoPlayz_517 your first request:

Add some gear smoke please, and a few cirrus clouds


Sure thing, I’ll try it 😉


i tried but as you can see clouds arent really my thing 😂


Yes, thank you!!

Also, I have another pic. Could you make the sky completely dark with some bright stars, and make the cockpit lights a little brighter. Also, crop out the bar on the bottom. Thanks!


Like this?

Or like this?

Or some extra stars.


Not as easy so you can tell the difference between the cockpit and sky. XD just make it a little lighter and the leftmost panel should be a bit smaller. Thanks


Which one do you want me to make again though?
The second I think is the best but just to know…


The second one. Also could you make the stars a little brighter. Thanks!


Like this?
(I have to admit I’m having a few problems getting it right. Just tell me what you think and i can adjust)

I’ll make the stars smaller if you want I think they look too big…



I just read through all almost 700 comments/replies, amazing! It’s awesome to see how this started and how ignorant evolved. Along the other community member jumping in to help out! I love it. great work on all of the photos too!

What photo shop apps do any of you recommend for iPhone users?


Uoww Very Beatiful !!


Photogrid is good app !!


Beatiful , Beatiful !! Well it could be so in the if !!


Allow for cloud editing/adding?


Adding Clouds , Stars e etc…


Landing in SBRJ !!!


I would recommend Pixelmator unfortunately it costs £5 though.


I’d recommend Autodesk Sketchbook. It’s free, and you can access all the layers


Hope you like this as well


shadowing and clouds 👌😁