Send me your photos, I will photoshop them for free


would anyone be able to try and improve this if possible?


What have I done! 😬
Just had to try it out.


Yes im agreed, it`s a little to much purple. Sorry! 😬


Lol its okay you did a good job still not my style hehe 😅


Its awsome! I never would of thought of that.😀


couldnt really master iti think my lack of skills.

Have a free F16 pic for compensation sorry 😅


It looks great like that, no need to worry!


Your contrails looks amazing! 😉


Thx haha. Still i think i could do better 🙄


especially for the Air Berlin fans. (Couldnt get the right font sorry for that.)


If only the airline was still active.


I loved the liveries alot its a bummer they had to quit just made this bcs their planes look awesome 😄


It would be cool if they made a comeback or some other company/airline bought it but that’s a diffrent story


Yes well. There is too much concurrency for them to stay on the market


Yeah. I’m going to go now as its like 11:30pm where I’m at so see ya!


Maybe try making this one look more stormy? like add a lighting bolt in the distance and maybe rain effects or something if you can and remove the names?

also request make it look like the storm is pretty severe like their are extremely high winds as well blowing the rain? idk if thats too much but yeah I would love to see how this turns out if you can do it!


I tried to make afterburner! Pretty hard! 😂


I’m Now Able To Edit

What I Can Do

•Fog | Clouds | Landing Smoke
•Light (Beacon, Strobe. etc.)
•Blur or Sharpen Specific Parts
•Add Text
•Add Vintage Look or B&W.

What I Can’t Do

•Remove Anything
•Add Dirt (Engine Dirt, Wing Dirt)
•Add Other Objects (Passengers, Ground Service)


Can you make this as realistic as you can. Thanks