Send me your photos, I will photoshop them for free


Of course, I’m going to assume this is the image that didn’t upload earlier. I’ll see what I can do for you!


Yes indeed! Oh and maybe a bit if sun glare. It was for a memorial flight so make it happy


How about this?

Gonna redo it with the navs


Okay cool looks really good 👌


Might be to late but what about contrails?


I’ll see what I can do 👌


Yasss! Thank you alot


Okay, so contrails on a mobile editor are surprisingly difficult. I’ve done the outmost aircraft, but not the two in the middle.
Probably someone else that can do contrails better than me

What do you think?


I hate to give commentary haha) contrails seem to be the wrong angle😅


Nav lights look awesome tho maybe skip the contrails?


Yeah I know… @Bohinen you’re better than me at this ;)


Without the trails


Love it absolutly amazing thanks


If he could do them for me that be awesome



Could you do something with this?


Not sure exactly what you wanted so I just slightly edited it

Not sure if you wanted to remove the circle but I made a version without it too


I tried to do the contrails myself. Im just not that good at it @Kirito_77


Hmm isnt the purple too much?


need some practicing on my contrails