Send me your photos, I will photoshop them for free


can you remove the HUD and make the lights brighter (but don’t make my plane look ACENDED) and maybe make it more RWA like






Nice editing, i love it!!

p.s loris karius…



Could You Put Northern Lights Look On This? Thanks!



Wow! Thanks Very Much!


No. They cannot. The picture you provided was that resolution and detail cannot be fabricated.


Uploading… zoom it a little ( all planes need to visible!) And add some good filters


Can I just point out to everybody;

What we can do;

  • Add sweet filters
  • Change the background
  • Enhance certain aspects of your image
  • Remove airport and name tags
  • Colour correction
  • RWA style effects
  • Spot removal and healing
  • Vintage appearance
  • Photoshop certain aspects of the image

What we cannot do;

  • As nice as it would be, we cannot make an image HD. Post either high quality images, or don’t ask us to “make HD”
  • Turn one aircraft into another aircraft

Please be reasonable with some of your requests; whilst @Bohinen and @Cpt.TC are editing beasts, there are limitations for us all ;)

Keep em coming guys!!


I am willing to do edits to by the way but I’m the same I would say as most


Make my light shine bright (no im not flirting) and maybe do a bit about the background (a thunderstorm would be really sweet!) Thanks I appriciate your work!


I think your light is shining very bright now ;)


Can you add clouds and strobe lights please with a bit of mist in the valley but make sure the rest of the sky is sunny with clouds.


Perhaps a bit much… This what you’re after?


Holy crap, amazing! Thank you!


Thanks looks awesome!! Great job


Are you going to do the C130 formation too? Its for the VA im in :D just the navs and strobe lights and crop it a bit. And maybe finetune if possible