Send me your photos, I will photoshop them for free


Dear All!

I am doing my photography GCSEs soon (dunno if you have those on the other side of the pond), and in order to practice my skills I have decided to post here to inform the community on a service I will be providing, where I will, free of charge, edit your RWA pics or IF screenshots.

What I can do for you:

  • Nametag Removing
  • Fake Antialiasing (smoother edges)
  • Colour Correction
  • RWA look
  • Spot Removal (any small unwanted parts removed from photo)
  • Noise Reduction (smoother pictures)
  • Vintage look
  • Much, much more!

I use photoshop CS6, hands down the best photoediting software out there.

Example of My Work (DCS Screenshot)



So hey, what are you waiting for? Send me your pics and I can make them look better for free!

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Cool that’s awesome! Do you also edit videos?


I can, but photos are my forte. If I edit a video, I usually ask for something in return (not money), as videos can be boring to edit at times.


hey if you want, take a look at my best works:


This is one i always wanted to take the name tag off. It’s maybe a bit tricky so I’ll leave it to pros.


I can do that for you :)


Cool thank you so much I really love that picture!


Can you photoshop this so the plane is on the moon and maybe make it look more nice somehow.thanks


Can you make this look more realistic I kinda messed up


Do you also add stuff to a picture. Like if I give you a photo of a plane would you be able to make it look like it’s being escorted?


you would need to send me 2 images of the planes from the same angle in roughly the same lighting conditions, but yes, I would be able to do that.


Cool thanks would you also be able to make it look like an airport is full. (I’m awar it takes time so don’t worry if you don’t want to😉)


depends what angle. Top-down shot then yes.


Also guess who just finished your fighter jet shot :)


so how do you want it? black and white would be a good idea…


Thank you so much!!!


would you be able to photoshop this ?


What do you want doing to it?


TOP GUN? :D Tom Cruise


@Cpt.TC Would you be able to fill this section for example. (I’ll send pictures if necessary) it’s LSGG gate 21 to 28.
They’re in circle.

I’d like it to be filled with any Swiss plane please.

Or if you feel another section of the airport looks nicer with mountain and stuff it’s up to you. You’re the artist. (I’d just like it with Swiss planes in Switzerland the rest is up to you)

It would look a bit like this only with Swiss planes (and mountains)