Represent Your Country With a TV Airline Commercial


Thank you for your contribution @Dez


Any suggestions for South American Airlines that are missing ? @nicochile2


I’ve been trying good find some good LAN commercials, maybe some Argentinian commercials? Maybe GOL or Azul.


Representing Trinidad & Tobago home of (Caribbean Airlines)


I’ve been looking for cool LAN commercials too but no luck, mostly amateur and cheesy ones lol.


Trinidad in the houseee


Yup Yup…we everywhere…T&T…home to sweet Calypso & Soca music and Carnival…


Delta representing USA


@Northwest sorry man, Delta is already represented but thank you for your support


Is northwest airlines represented yet?


Only thing i could find from my country, Albania because currently we have only 1 airline operating flights. And they have just 1 plane lol. The airline s name is Albawings.


@Northwest not yet so if you find one share it! :)


I’ve added it to the list. Thanks for submitting


Ok, here is northwest commercial - 1992


Thanks for contributing to my topic @Northwest!


It’s been a while from me and finally found another.
Gulf Air from Bahrain.


And another one, this time for the British, its Virgin Atlantic from U.K.


I found probably the only one for Grønland (Greenland)


Good ol’ Canadia. If you haven’t guessed I’m American and yes I know it’s actually Canada😂😂


I’m American but have lived in Germany nearly my entire life so I’m doing LH.
Also surprised noone else has done a German airline.
Alle meine andere deutschen IF Spieler, wenn ihr schon die Lufthansa geflogen, sag es! Lol und vielleicht ein Like…