Represent Your Country With a TV Airline Commercial


Jamaica to Jamaica on JetBlue.


I dont know that Sir, maybe you can check it up on the comments.


Thanks for the contribution. But another person beat you to the punch. I watched all of those commercials and they were hilarious and awesome. ANZ makes awesome ads


Thanks buddy! Do i get a cake for my anniversary? Lol


Thanks a lot to all of you who are contributing. I’m having such a nerd heart attack. Aviation and Television are my passions so this is really cool to see.


Sure sir anytime for you!


Here’s Korean Air commercial from South Korea!


And here’s Etihad from UAE!


I really find this thread highly pointless


Hey fellow forum member, If you dont find the point on this post; then don’t read it, dont reply and move along.
I feel like:
A. You didn’t read the entire post
B. Out of EVRYONE whos contributed or commented YOU are the only one who failed to get the point.
C. You’re just trolling looking for attention.


I appreciate the comment and your opinion. Blue Skies!


What’s with the hostility. Chill out. Be civil and just reply without being rude. Calling me a troll really?. Grow up


I edited my reply to make it civil. And you set the tone my friend. Were both entitled to our opinions. If you feel like my comment was out of place, tag a mod.

Thanks again for the comment. Have a good day


I’m not attacking you. Lol it’s ok. Let’s just move past it. 👍


I just sent it by my private jet😂😜


Representing Angola 🇦🇴Here with TAAG Angola Airlines


Thanks a lot. I’ve never seen any type of commercial from Angola so this is very cool thanks


Yeah, they are quite shy yet, but with the new administration hopefully they will be able to expand their image.


Representing Vietnam: Vietnam Airlines


Thank you @AppleOneGT !


I am English and Thai! Here to represent the rare place that IF players will come from! Thailand, Thai Airways