Represent Your Country With a TV Airline Commercial


I can’t believe this atrocity! Alaska Airlines is missing from that list! So as CEO of the VA with its name, I hereby make an entry!



Congratulations on your forum anniversary @Gavrilo happy to have you.


Almost forgot to put SilkAir’s advertisement. It’s pretty nice and funny imho 😂


Oh New Zealand! I just love it!


Sorry, but @Matthew_Harrison has already posted one for ANZ.


Oh bummer, didn’t see his :( But it’s not even on the list in the thread.


How about a Virgin Australia or Jetstar one then? :)


Nah, I think I’ll leave those up to @Captain_Ed :)


First place is US with 6/7 commercials Next up at 2nd is India with 5 and Next up at 3rd is Kuwait with 2 commercials.


Spicejet is missing up here. Lemme check if they do have a commercial


It’s there check again.


Here you go SpiceJet


Ohh!! Thnx buddy!! Didn’t see that


I wish Go Air could be added but they ain’t got any commercial :(


For Ireland, add Ryanair with as well as that, fix Aer Lingus’ spelling, it is Aer (Air in Irish)


A lot of nice commercials! You forgot the airline Norwegian on the list. I Posted commercials both for SAS and Norwegian.


Delta Air Lines.


Its already there sir :)


Is there a JetBlue commercial?