Represent Your Country With a TV Airline Commercial


"The Norwegian Way" Fly Norwegian


Beautifullll I love it
Thanks for sharing


Makes me wantto fly to Norway


Wow this is what I was talking about


I'll submit another entry for Cathay Pacific Group. Representing Hong Kong.


Here's Kuwait Airways commercial representing Kuwait. It's funny! (It's spoken in Arabic)


And here's Qatar Airways commercial representing Qatar!


And finally from me Turkish Airlines commercial representing Turkey!


Thank you for your awesome posts!!


Your welcome sir as always.


By the way u might want to recopy the TK commercial since the link isn't shown on the post.


It's 4 am - time to fly. Delta Airlines, United States.


Sir I think you should add Air India for India. Just a suggestion :)


There is no commercial for Air India. @samuel_48


Also there's no reason to remove Jet Airways, they can just add Air India to it.


I'm sorry I realised that late. Well i just saw Indigo commercial its awesome and it's really funny. Can i put the link down here?


Here is the commercial of the Qantas Airlines - The Spirit of Australia, and its always grand.


If a country has 10 airlines then you can put ten videos. One video per airline though. I'm you're a regular please help me add these. I am at work right now and can't at the moment lol thanks for all your posts


Here are the two commercials from Indigo airlines (India), which is emerging new low cost carrier with good service and has started going international to 5-10 destinations since last 5 years. Couldn't resist to share both of them as it is fantastic and funny at the same time.
2011 commercial -

2010 commercial -


There is one submission for Qantas already sorry mate