(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


30 sheets of 18/24 inch paper, send as many requests as you like, realistic or not, even send me an idea of a non existing plane you like, like a fighter jet that doesn’t exist, just something that looks cool, tell me


United Concorde after turning off afterburners, something I’ve wanted for a while


OMG i just got back from one and it was hella lit
Good luck to you and ______ best wishes


I have returned with the A340s people have been wanting!


It’s okay, but it does not look good if you just paste images on top for the logos. The white of the template is different than the white of the logo. If you want good results from pasting logos in, the image needs to be transparent.


Is this even the right topic to be posting computer-made liveries?


Here’s a semi-decent blank Airbus A320 on a taxiway

Made using only a Ticonderoga pencil and a tiny eraser nub. Made this without any guides!


This is for drawing aircraft only, no computer made liveries, sorry @Air_New_Zealand08


Spirit Banana livery for the person who asked for one! 😂

Edit: it’s HANDDRAWN!


Ooh fancy 💃🏻🕺🏻 Have fun…


@Air_New_Zealand08… Your Southwest has landed!!


do a 767 without tracing! air canada livery…


Can someone make a TAM 737 or 787 please?


Im open for requests. HMU!
HMU = Hit Me Up

An F22 Raptor

Cirrus SR22

KLM 777-300ER "Orange Pride"


Those look INCREDIBLE!!! 😍


Sure! A 737 or 787? And TAM or LATAM?


Here is my Spirit A321 banana livery, did this a while back for @LGAspotter


Amazing drawings! Love the KLM, but as the title says, drawing aircraft only, computer made liveries go here


TAM please!!! 😍😁 I wonder how that’d look (737-800 please)


That’s not computer generated, that’s computer drawn. Those still go here. Trust me, we’ve been in this scenario many times before.