Regular Re-Shuffle || New Expectations


I don’t think there was another way to go about this. I see too many T3 members having slanging matches or being unable to take advice after asking for it. Great decision by the moderation team here!


Even though I’m not a regular anymore because of inactivity I think. But I do say being a regular does mean that behavior has be be at it’s best. I hope that these new expectations change the way some regulars behave and act.



I think what a lot of people are forgetting here is that “fair” is relative. Your fair is going to be different than mine. We have people from all different backgrounds, ages, cultures, and languages. The goal here is to maintain civilized and productive conversation in English, since it’s universal. If you’re removed or some action is taken against you, instead of expecting a detailed response from a moderator (who has time for that?), reach out to someone you think will have an objective opinion on the issue and do some work on your own to figure out what’s wrong. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Could what I said be misinterpreted?
  • Could what I said (or continue to say) be offensive to some users?
  • Are my posts helpful and relevant?
  • Am I constantly having my posts flagged and requiring moderator time and effort?

A lot of people feel very entitled. A “hard earned” title suddenly isn’t earned anymore if you have 50k posts across 1000 hours and you spend 2 minutes making another person feel like less of a person. You’re not entitled to be a jerk, and you’re not entitled to free speech here. Being a customer of Infinite Flight doesn’t entitle you to create your own version of socially acceptable behavior. If I walk into a restaurant and start talking at the top of my lungs the entire time, they will ask me to leave even if I have spent money there. Not because I’m breaking some hard and fast rule, but because it’s not socially acceptable behavior.

Let common sense prevail and give our forum mods a break for goodness sake!!



I agree 💯 it’s about quality, not quantity. Good on you guys. Thanks for the notice as will!!


I suppott this decision fully. A regular shouldn’t be about the numbers? Aregullar should be someone well disciplined and set an example to other members of the forum.

Nice idea Misha :)


The social media platforms were mentioned in order to see how one carries themself outside the community. No social media? Then the mods can still see how you carry yourself within the community


Proper punctuation, and fluency is not your ticket to T3! It isn’t gonna hurt you, but it doesn’t immediately crown👑 you.


Yes… Great idea, I’m just a beginner in this forum, can’t wait to get up there! Hehe…


I’m completely in support of he system,

The quality of responses and help that regulars are becoming is awesome, I like it that we are willing to help and be nice rather than be over controlling and stupid.

I may be a bit annoyed once or twice, but I try to correct myself the next time.


Well said.

I agree with this as well. I guess you could consider it a wake up call to the current regulars. I’ve noticed a lot of the regulars that were once harsh and controlling have simmered down and gotten better with helping others. It’s like how the forum used to be, and I like that.


@kevin and @jdag2004 sum it up all…
Ever since this decision was made, we have seen a rather increased positive influence on the forums especially by my fellow regulars and other nice members(No need to tag them all).
This decision has taught us all a good lesson.


Really agree (even though I’m a member now :( ;) ) We’ve seen a general increase in the quality of the content in the lounge (when I was there) and the forum in general with the new regulations.


I am supportive of this decision, as it will help the maturity of this forum. I do want some clarification on one thing though: Do these new set of rules completely replace the number requirements, or is it added to the previous requirements?


It’s adding subjective human intervention to the existing, cold aggregation of numbers.


Ok. I’m gonna take that as “the numbers still count”.


Yep. Gotta meet both, otherwise a new user with 1 minute read time could be regular for doing nothing wrong 😂


New people would be regulars and old people are mostly members. 😳


Yes. “Added to…” means they remain


I know that… that’s why I said my reply.


Just like most people, I agree with this as a regular is the one to look up to when your a member or basic user. They are the faces of the community and the ones to go to for advice and stats should play a part in it but so should many other factors.