Regular Re-Shuffle || New Expectations


Nice idea Mish! We should see a rise in quality on the forum, and especially in the lounge.


It really did hit some like a brick to the face. But regardless, a TL3 member can't get their feelings hurt over a policy change thats only making the forum more professional.

We are an extension of the mods and also the first line of defense when it comes down to the forum getting out if hand/ off topic.


Couldn't agree more, sometimes a once over will help clean up the post and remove negative emotions that may be distasteful.


That's exactly how I feel, lol. But I'm going to try my best to be better:-)


That's all you can do


Thanks. Happening none too soon.


How are you guys gonna improve if you don't know what you did wrong? I suggest asking a moderator to couch you only what went on in your individual situation.


Exactly what I'm trying to say. Can't fix something if we don't know what's broke


In other words this is, some abused the privilege so now everyone who doesn't meet a certain standard doesn't get it. I could care less with the label but a regular is not suppose to be a moderator and in a nutshell it looks like the regular status has been made that.

In addition, I want to present the question of those who maintained their status and the only real perk of being granted regular status compared to member is access to the lounge. Which in my opinion most of those who did lose their regular status used the lounge appropriately.

What irks me is how this forum has gone from the chaotic mess it once was back in August-September, into a fairly organized machine from November-January, into an uptight and power driven community. Would have been far better to not evaluate a person for little to no wrongs done but evaluate those repeat offenders. Also, what constitutes positive attitude and a productive post? That is purely subjective depending on the person.

Now do not confuse this post with me having a tantrum over losing my regular status. I could care less. However, I wanted to contribute some serious questioning to the process and the benefit overall to the process of determining a regular. Furthermore, there seriously needs to be the question of can a small select group be impartial to making a determination for a large group of people when there has been a large interaction between those evaluating and being evaluated. How much is determined from that? How much is determined from DM interaction? Has recent contributions and behavior been judged heavier than long past behavior?


Referring back to this chaps....


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Where does it state that?


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What are you talking about???


No - just active and normal, e.g. don't be facetious :)
And for your information, there are currently 96 regular.


Could you possible quote this for me?

It would be much appreciated!


You guys must not know who @Robertdiaz123. Dont take him serious he's only joking... well 0.3765/3 of the time


Seems that what constitutes active is contributing to a lot of threads and being mini moderators, problem was everyone was doing that so if someone does not flag or assist all the time they lose out even though maybe the 1% of active people are handling x% of the situations and a mature regular knows not to saturate a post with moderation. The whole active participant is vague as well. That's why the system's way of determining who was regular based on activity seemed to be far better. Someone can be on but not always is that regular needed because of someone else's involvement.


I know I like to bang on a bit about this topic , but 7 months of hard work on this forum for me to be stripped of my title so quickly ; Just doesn't process in my little mind.