Regular Re-Shuffle || New Expectations


Same, I can’t pin point what I did wrong. Seems “random” in my opinion.


Thanks for the support. All. I greatly appreciate it very much


Regardless of anyone’s situation, this is probably a good time to reflect on what we have said, and maybe how we said it. I know for a fact, that I personally will be double checking what I intend to post, is respectful and informative, before I click send. 🙂


Haha I’m living with it. Just don’t understand what I’ve done wrong. Most people enjoy my stuff


Thanks for the important reminder mods. One of the most important takeaways I’ve had during my time is knowing when to hit the “cancel” button and when to hit the “reply” button. I’ve drafted many posts where I will read it over repeatedly and then decide to cancel the post and let it live in my head instead of out in the open.


I do this a lot because the risk of me getting that post flagged.


I’ve adopted this philosophy a while back thanks to you. Very smart man!


Thanks to the moderation team of this community! I’m giving my support to this as long as this can make the community even better ❤


Thank you for this mods this has been needed more than ever before and I think has come in at just the right time


It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done something wrong. There are stat requirements (reading a certain percentage of posts over a rolling time period, etc.). Could be you just didn’t meet the requirements over the last rolling time period.

What’s being described here is additional considerations to simply being around, things that require a human eye.

Most likely, your loss of status was due to the old-fashioned computer method. (Similar to landings over last 90 days for grades.)


Hmm I honestly spend more time here than any other thing (social media wise)


Great too much negativity/tension in forum recently


This is an amzing idea! I know it will be helpfull! :)


I believe you. It’s just Occam’s Razor. I was just suggesting that that makes more sense than the day this is posted you lose your status. More likely, you lost it before due to the existing sliding scale.


What is a T3? Thanks


Hmm maybe. Wouldn’t know what I did to like it. Most of the community liked my stuff



As more and more members are added to the forum we all need to pitch in more to make sure we keep this professional and a resource for flight simulation


Reviewing this post, it appears there is a lot of comments from disgruntled former TL3 users. This is really bringing down the positive vibe of a proactive decision to further increase the professional, informative and mature nature of the IFC.

As a polite suggestion moving forward, if you are upset by the moderation teams clearly well rationaled decision to make them demotions; you review your summary and activity tags on your profile page, see what learning can be taken from it and then if you still feel it necessary to appeal, contact a moderator for further support and guidance on getting that TL3 status back.


Agree with the OP 100%. Welcome oversight. Thank you.