Regular Re-Shuffle || New Expectations


I personally think that this is a wonderful idea overall in my own opinion! As you have said above, it is definitely not all about the numbers... Being the official trust level of "Regular" means and should always mean being a constantly active as well as supportive part of the Infinite Flight Community, along with the members that are a contributing part of it, overall.


That its an amazing we need that things change like the altitude I agree with you at 100% . As a regular we need to be respectful and always be open and welcome the new user , telling them and let them know how the forum work via PM.


I agree with most of the poster's remarks you cited. Although I have received overall excellent assistance when, as a newbie, I asked questions or started a thread even after searching, quite often I have received and noticed quite brusque remarks that were not appropriate. Some people, more than others, seem to give themselves permission to snap remarks when they feel empowered. I never said anything because I just wanted to adapt to the new environment. But this is a great place to be and I do feel welcomed.


I have to say it agree. Quality is way more valuable than having a 24/7 active only because the variety of cops are patrolling and lashing out at a person for so much as daring to comment something that could possibly (if you look at it on upside down while whistling an annoying tune) be seen as vaguely off topic. It's lovely.

Edit: I lost my regular status...foreboding on my reputation lol.


I'm glad to hear higher expectations are required for T3. Regulars should set an example for everyone else. Good post, Misha.


Regulars are the role models of the forum, they are second to the leaders/ moderators. Having mature role models are great and as joshua smithley said, quality is better than quantity, we dont need 100's of regulars if they are going to be inmature, we only need those who set a great example in the community, thank you @MishaCamp


This is a smart move by the moderators. As many people have said before, Regulars should help others understand the forum and be good leaders.


Nice idea, I just have 1 thing to add. Just 1 bad response to a post (unless it's EXTREMELY offensive or discriminatory, which actually would probably warrant a temp ban) shouldn't decide wether you get to be a regular or not. Everyone screws up every now and then, as long as they learn from their mistakes and do not do them again.

Brief info about you

Ooh this looks very interesting. It'll be fascinating to see how this shapes up over time!


I secone your opinion


Your not a regular , sorry for ruining your party...


Yeah, that's the issue. I'm probably one of the younger Regulars out there. Only 14, and barely. That's the thing. Some younger kids have grown up smarter and more mature than others. It's less about "All kids are bad" and more about "Some kids never learn and think the world is all about themselves".

Thanks moderation team for this update:)


Interesting. Seems I'm a member again. Sweet. Nothing but good posts and being interactive. Helping new members and such. And I'm a nice person and helpful and have only been flagged I think a few times


Try looking at some of your topics and or responses and such, maybe that's it.


Maybe my responses. Ehh who knows. That's the moderators decision. Would like to know though so i know what I'm doing wrong


It's not my topics I know that


Your activity feed shows your posts appear to be in the RWA category 99% of the time. Perhaps that is a factor? Although I mean your RWA content it still very interesting and informative don't get me wrong.


What's wrong with that? I happen to like to share my expernces with others. That's the great part about aviation


Nothing in my eyes, I like it. It just may possibly be a factor on an Infinite Flight forum


First of all...I enjoy your post. And I'm with you on this. It would be nice to know what you did wrong so you can right it.