Problem with log in


Hello! I have a problem to log in to IFC. I am using Chrome. Can you help me please?


Can you make sure you have cookies enabled?


I’m also having this problem…

I just checked, I have cookies enabled…


Try downloading the app


I’ve already used the app and it’s the same!


Oh dear somethings wrong then!


Uninstall the browser and install it again. It happened once and that helped.

@SpeedPlayz @Andrei_Lebit


I’m afraid I can’t do that because Google chrome is a system app on my tablet…

There is no uninstall option…


@Andrei_Lebit @SpeedPlayz could you guys confirm if you’re logging in with username/password or using Facebook/Google?


Yes I’m always using Google. When I use default login it says “Unknown Error”


Go into Google Chrome settings, click on “Site Settings”. Find Infinite flight community web address and also discourse ones. Press “Clear & Reset” on all of those.

@Andrei_Lebit this solution works for @SpeedPlayz, so try it out and please notify how it works!


OK. I’ll try doing that.


OK, it seems to work now. Thanks.


Now it works! Thanks very much