Private Callsign Matrix



That’s great Mine is D-ABAV, please add



And me mate! GH-O99


Sorry to be a pain @SWNelson, but I wanna change mine.
G-EJF1 for me please.


NACHO in US regions. G-RAVY in London Region


You got it!! Give me 2 mins!


Change my callsign to FOX-1 Please. I will use this callsign evrytime i intercept an aircraft


Mine is Hotel-73-November-Golf


Mine is A350FAN and G-ZYSA @LouDon16


I have 2 Callsigns - B787FAN and G-ASYZ


Andre_Solgren_Nilsen callsign: Jetspeed100



I don’t really have a private callsign but I use my VA callsign all the time: QR02(Heavy). Although I always have my IFC username in my IF username.


QR01. Qatar VA callsign. Name is Yash Mistry which is displayed when I control on expert


Name: Uriel
Callsign: U207MZ


Name: Hari Sims
CALLSIGN: Virgin 75

You have full permission to tag my call sign and good idea !


Hey it is A350fan - A350FAN and G-ZYSA @Ninetales please fix this


Mine is N107HO if you would like to add it


Name is HunterOlson if you needed it


Add ksisky - NSK132 please. :)


My private callsign is now VH-FJ1
I like it better and sounds better


Mine is now G-CHRIS i think it is nice…