Private Callsign Matrix


C-OBRA1 Please add mine


Can you add mine

Mine is : C-APTAIN



Done ;) I do though, believe you can do it


This is awesome @LouDon16!

Could you please change my name from ‘Buccaneer_IFC’ to:
Call sign remains the same

I tried to but maybe I didn’t know which button to press

Thank you


Unable to add mine. K1295NP


Added it, you’re on the list


Please add mine : PAN-TH3R


Thats added to the list @Panther . Thanks!


Thank you too everyone for getting involved and adding your callsigns! if yours is missing, add it on or let me know if you have any problems and ill add it.


Can you add AGGIE for me plz!


Omgoodness THANK YOU! This list is EPIC! I think I’m still too new to edit this, would you mind adding me?

CaptainPlanet - (airline) 420


Done!! - And Yours @AggieAirlines


Please add me.




Hi @Bob_Robert , Thanks for this, however, this matrix is for private callsigns. Have a flick through the callsign matrix and decide on a more GA one.



@LouDon16 you can add mine. N0316AG


AGGIE, that’s my callsign


Hello. Can you change my username from IFGPCannedPlacebo to CannedAviation? That’s my new username from now on. Also, can you change my callsign from N534GP to N929CA? That will be my private callsign from now on (hopefully). A quick note, I’m the same guy that holds the former IFGPCannedPlacebo and N534GP username and callsign. I have updated my post in the post below


Smokey is my callsign!


Done, that should be correct.


Well Mine is N458BJ.